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ADMIN POST: Welcome to original_fandom!


writing is hard

ADMIN POST: Welcome to original_fandom!

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Hi, and welcome to original_fandom. I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing right now, but that's what you're for. I'm thinking we can post snippets and finished work, exchange tips and tricks, maybe do some challenges.

What I would really love, though, is for you to tell me what you want and what you think would make the community good. Email me any ideas, or just leave them in the comments. OK? OK.
  • I'd like the community to offer some support, if at all possible. I have the tendency to retreat entirely to writing fanfiction, when I encounter problems with my original fic. Translate as: I have two beginnings of novels, both at 50k, which need revising, which I don't do, because I'm scared of what it'll all entail, and I have several (good) ideas lying around. So I write fanfiction where I don't have to explain as much.
    • I do the same thing! I hit a bump in my original fic and I go right over to fanfic instead. I have a super long almost finished novel that I can't be arsed to finish because I crave the support and feedback you get in fandom.
  • I joined because I'll (hopefully) be starting my English/Creative Writing degree in September and I think this place could help me out.

    On an unrelated note: that bitch in the community userpic stole my shoes.

    P.S. Have you abandoned P&A, or do you plan on revisiting it someday? Sorry if you've addressed this question a million times before and I just haven't been paying attention, but I really liked that story :-)

    • Oh, I totally want to finish Paul and Adam! That's actualy one of the main things I hope this community will help with.

      And, yay! I loved Creative Writing classes in college. *is jealous*
  • I think I have a few suggestions. Brainstorming in this comment, mostly. Though I would like to say, thank you so much for creating this comm.

    A big problem for me is characters. I've never been one of those authors who have their characters come alive and insist on one path or another in the storyline. I can mostly rationalize characters' actions based on their back story and previous histories and current situations. But I would like to know them, to know their reactions on a more visceral level. So, maybe some character challenges? ...I have no idea what those might entail, but it's just something that's always frustrated me.

    Um, another problem for me is the push through the middle. With me, I'll start a story with a plot in mind, and the characters at least peripherally there. I can start the plot going, get a little way into it, and then I putter out. I'll occasionally write snippets from somewhere in the middle, but I really prefer to write in a linear fashion (and that might be something I need to get over as well...). I have so many stories started, and I often know the ending, but getting from point A to point C is difficult. And what's worse is that point B isn't boring, or anything to prevent me from writing it. I just ...can't.

    Now, those two problems mostly extend to the stories I write that I'd let my mother (a professional editor) look over. I have another life as a porn (or erotica, whatever...) writer. And I've gotten a few reviews on stuff on Literotica, but I'd like to know if it sucks. I need a porn beta. Especially since I seem to have some sort of erotic romance novel on my hands. Much more fragmented, and I'm getting to know the characters pretty well. It's odd that I take to writing porn so much more smoothly (process-wise) than anything else...

    Anyway, I think that's all the ideas I have. May not be helpful to anyone but me...
    • Um, another problem for me is the push through the middle.

      Me, too! I write great beginnings and endings, but then there's all that stuff I have to put in the middle...

      And I write a lot of erotic fiction, too, so between me and everybody else in this comm, I don't think you'll have a problem getting feedback on your porny stuff.
  • Well... I don't know about anybody else, but mostly I'm looking for motivation from this comm. I love to write, don't get me wrong, but the bottom line is that I'm lazy and usually just don't feel like doing it. So I don't. I really need someone to kick me in the ass when it comes to my fic.

    Challenges would be good. Especially something to do with some sort of description... that's really hard for me, and I'd like to get better at it. I always feel like I'm overdoing it... even if I've only written a couple of lines. I generally don't have problems with characterization or dialogue except that I tend to be a bit overdramatic at times (I'm getting better at that), and I have a hard time aging appropriately with young characters. Like I have a couple of main characters that are supposed to be twelve and they sound like they're 30 years old and seriously jaded half the time. Not a good thing.

    I think I lost my point in there somewhere, but the basic gist is- just about anything would be awesome.
    • Yay! I'm glad you're here. I'm yay-ing a lot right now, but I'm just excited that other people actually thought this comm was a good idea.

      Also, I think writers are inherently lazy but, shhh, don't tell anyone! It's our secret. Besides, it's really hard work, so of course we're lazy about it.
  • I think that original fiction writers need support. In fanfic you have betas and getting someone to read your work isnt really that hard.

    Original fic is a totally different story. Questions arise, plots need to be poked at, holes need sewing, and writers in general need a little proding.

    I would like this community to be a place where we can post our stuff and get help. Maybe a place where we can ask a research question or 'does this make sense' question.

    I like the idea of an orig fic comm very much.

    Good on you!
    • Oh, I totally agree that getting feedback on original fic would be awesome--lots of times you don't get any sort of response until you're done and, really, for fanfic writers who are spoiled by getting feedback and beta responses all along the way, that's really tough.

      And, yes, research and other questions, totally--I'm always digging and researching silly little things that maybe don't seem important, but they are important, so having a group of people to help with stuff like that will be fantastic.
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