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writing is hard


October 1st, 2006

NaNo Question

Bitch please
How many people here are thinking of doing NaNoWriMo?

I was, just because I've heard about it for years and never tried it. The trick is we're supposed to start something completely from scratch, and that's slightly daunting to me. I've got enough unifinished stories cluttering up my hard drive without adding another one. On the other hand, what's one more, you know?

So, anyone else gonna do it?

In other news... I've at least been thinking about the character prompts. I've not written any, but I have been thinking about them...

August 3rd, 2006

So, it seems that most people want to work on two things -- character and description. I've got a couple starter prompts for each category.

DescriptionCollapse )

CharacterCollapse )

OK, so you guys think it's cool to work on these for the next week or so? I'm also working on a "getting to know you" entry, so we can all talk about what kind of writing we want to do, what our experience is, what our writing rituals are, that sort of thing.

July 31st, 2006

Hi, and welcome to original_fandom. I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing right now, but that's what you're for. I'm thinking we can post snippets and finished work, exchange tips and tricks, maybe do some challenges.

What I would really love, though, is for you to tell me what you want and what you think would make the community good. Email me any ideas, or just leave them in the comments. OK? OK.
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