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ADMIN POST: Welcome to original_fandom!


writing is hard

ADMIN POST: Welcome to original_fandom!

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Hi, and welcome to original_fandom. I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing right now, but that's what you're for. I'm thinking we can post snippets and finished work, exchange tips and tricks, maybe do some challenges.

What I would really love, though, is for you to tell me what you want and what you think would make the community good. Email me any ideas, or just leave them in the comments. OK? OK.
  • I joined because I'll (hopefully) be starting my English/Creative Writing degree in September and I think this place could help me out.

    On an unrelated note: that bitch in the community userpic stole my shoes.

    P.S. Have you abandoned P&A, or do you plan on revisiting it someday? Sorry if you've addressed this question a million times before and I just haven't been paying attention, but I really liked that story :-)

    • Oh, I totally want to finish Paul and Adam! That's actualy one of the main things I hope this community will help with.

      And, yay! I loved Creative Writing classes in college. *is jealous*
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